Hello and welcome!
Thanks for stopping by and poking around in the Curiosity Closet!
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Judith Ann and I am the proprietor of The Curiosity Closet. Everything you see here is made by me, for you!
I'm a nature lover, animal lover, art lover, amateur photographer, and I adore constructing beautiful things! Plus, I am a true Piscean (compassionate, artistic,
intuitive, a dreamer), and Aquamarine is my favorite gemstone, lucky me!
Nature, good music, good food, good friends, and a great family circle inspire me to BE my best, DO my best and stay positive.

I have had an ongoing interest in jewelry since I was a little girl, poking around my Nan's jewelry box. My love of precious and semi precious stones has been a life long interest as well. Their uniqueness, their wondrous colours, their vibrations, their soothing qualities, they are Mother Nature at her finest!
Designing and creating my jewelry is my passion. Each piece has a little bit of me in it, and a whole lot of LOVE!

I also offer a line of skin care and bath/spa products with all natural ingredients. I am of the age I NEED to take care of my skin, so I decided to research healthy alternatives to store bought items, and I have to say it's amazing! Essential oils, natural butters and oils, herbs and organic beeswax are filled with an abundance of natural health benefits.

My line of 108 knotted malas are my pride and joy! So much time and energy, as well as good intentions, go into each and every knot. If you meditate, a mala is a must have and can help immensely. Each stone tells a story and the stones I select all have a reason.

So, that's a bit about me. Please enjoy your look around and thanks again for taking the time to drop by!
My cat Thor is my mascot on my logo! Love!!!

Judith Ann
Accessorize your Life