Ancient Power Mala

Ancient Power Mala. Picture Jasper, Moonstone and Graywood. 🕉Picture Jasper is a stone of dream work and visioning. The pictures found in the beautiful markings, clouds and shadows of this stone can be utilized for divination or foretelling the future. It can also be used to view the history of the Earth and humanity's ancient past. It acts as the 'third eye of the Earth', allowing one to gain access to the vast records stored within the planet's mineral data banks. Picture Jasper allows one to tune in to power spots through the Earth's electromagnetic field and energy systems. It can help one resonate with the energies of distant places and times through the Earth's record-keeping system. Picture Jasper markers are placed in the 27th position to gently remind you to stay on your meditation path. 🕉Moonstone is a stone of mystery. It has often been associated with the feminine because of its ability to enhance the intuitive side of the mind. Moonstone has long been valued in helping one move closer to the Great Mother. The large Guru bead is carved Agate, and sits atop a beautiful silk blend multi colour tassel. Your Mala will be cleansed with a ritual smudging using Palo Santo wood before leaving my home to travel to yours. With it will come its own linen and hemp drawstring bag to help protect your Mala and keep it clean. Affirmation🙏 I am one with the energy, history, substance and future of the Earth. I travel through inner space and time to discover sacred knowledge, and I use the fruits of my journeys for the highest good of all. Ancient Power Mala. Namaste🙏

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