Healing Mala

Healing Mala. Indian Agate & Garnet ⭐Indian Agate, with all those magical colours, is a wonderful stone for meditation. It also helps with healing both physically and emotionally. ⭐Garnet is a stone of deep passion, protection and grounding. Together, these stones help keep you protected, secure, and feeling the Love while you heal and transform. ⭐Garnet markers are placed every 27 beads as a simple reminder to stay on your mediation path. ⭐A solid Bronze guru bead, inscribed with Om Mani Padme Hum symbols, sits atop a beautiful silk blend tassel. Your Mala will be cleansed with a ritual smudging using Palo Santo wood before leaving my home to travel to yours. With it will come its own linen and hemp drawstring bag to help protect your Mala and keep it clean. Healing Mala. *Namaste*🙏

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