Lavender and Peppermint foot soak

Do your feet scream at you at the end of a long day? Do you suffer from foot odour from running shoes, work boots, socks? Well! Good news! My Lavender & Peppermint foot soak is here to the rescue! 👣 Just add a few scoops (a cute little scoop is included with purchase) to a small foot bath of hot water (to dissolve the salts), let it cool enough to soak your feet in, and when the water is cool, dry off and enjoy your happy feet! I also have s Eucalyptus Mint foot cream available to slather on afterward to really give your feet a treat! Made with all natural ingredients, including organic 🌴 coconut milk powder to help soften your feet. The essential oils help rejuvenate, while the sodium bicarbonate helps to remove odour. Try it today! You're going to love it and your feet will thank you! (And so will I) 😊 P.S. the adorable little glass jam jar is reusable!

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