Piscean Mermaid Mala

Piscean Mermaid Mala. Multi colour Aquamarine and Fluorite Tridacna markers are placed every 27th position keep you gently on your meditation path. A bright white tassel sits atop a gorgeous raw Aquamarine guru bead. Aquamarine is not just aqua blue. The gemstones used in rings and earrings etc. are a gemmy quality, not the same as organic and natural Aquamarine. 🕉Aquamarine is a cardinal Water element stone. It is a powerful cleansing agent for the emotional body and is one of the best stones to employ in clearing communication issues. A stone of release. It helps one free oneself of attachments to old patterns, relationships and ways of being. Aquamarines's energy gently, yet firmly, brings one's emotional patterns to the surface for processing. It helps one understand where one is holding on to emotions, communication patterns, or thoughts that are limiting one's ability to "go with the flow." 🕉Fluorite is a force of order in the stone kingdom giving form and structure to energies, ideas and concepts and helping them to manifest in three-dimensional reality. Fluorite is a powerful Wind element stone. It speaks of the power of thought, focus and concentration and encourages one's thinking to become orderly and coherent. Affirmation 🙏 My mind and heart are awake. alert, clear and active, working in unison to make the optimal choices for my life purpose. I embody the yielding, cooling power of water, and I express my truth with calm certainty. Your Mala will be cleansed with a ritual smudging using Palo Santo wood before leaving my home to travel to yours. With it will come its own linen and hemp drawstring bag to help protect your Mala and keep it clean. Piscean Mermaid Mala. Namaste 🙏

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