Reconnection Mala

Reconnection Mala. Rose and Red Plume Agate Agate. So many types with so many colours. Agate are generally known as stones of lower intensity and slower vibrational frequency. This is by no means considered a defect! Rather they are regarded as stabilizing and strengthening influences which can help one build up a lasting connection with whatever energy pattern a particular variety represents. 🕉Rose Plume Agate speaks to the heart chakra, providing self-love and love for others. It helps us to reconnect with our feelings that resonate deeply within ourselves. 🕉Red Plume Agate speaks to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras. It puts us in touch with our zest for living, and with this, one experiences an increased passion, an intensification of all emotions, and reconnection with one's deepest desires. Cherry Creek Jasper markers are placed every 27th position to gently remind you to stay on your meditation path. The Guru bead shows the absolute beauty of this Agate! It sits atop a beautiful silk blend tassel. The energy I felt from these stones was warming and peaceful. Love. 💗 Your Mala will be cleansed with a ritual smudging using Palo Santo wood before leaving my home to travel to yours. With it will come its own linen and hemp drawstring bag to help protect your Mala and keep it clean. Reconnection Mala. Namaste🙏

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