Rewind. Detox milk bath salt soak

Sometimes a nice long bath at the end of a long, and maybe crappy day, is just what you need to "rewind". Another one of my new detox milk bath salt soaks. Made with Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, Sea salt and Epsom salt, all known to help detoxify the body and relax achy muscles. Essential oils of Benzoin, Frankincense, Patchouli and Bay Laurel for their ability to help relieve stress and calm anxiety. A little splash of Jasmine fragrance oil to add a hint of floral. Organic Coconut milk powder and French Green Clay help soften the skin. Tinted with Organic Phycocyanin powder (a Spirulina extract) and prettied up with Blue Malva and Jasmine flowers. Included is an adorable little wooden scoop to use for the salts. Rewind. 8 ounces of "I'm just going to lay back and calm the hell down."

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