The essence of Om

OM "The totality of sound, existence, and consciousness." "The essence of breath, life, and everything that exists." Available April 6, 2019, "The essence of Om" A perfume for the senses, the mind and the soul. It's grounding, soothing, calming, relaxing. It's liquid meditation. I LOVE this perfume. The scent is reminiscent of breathing, a warm hug, a favorite memory, a ray of sun through a canopy of leaves. Made with a special blend of Labdanum (used in many expensive perfumes, eg Chanel), Benzoin, Bergamot and Rose Absolute essential oils in perfumery alcohol. The perfumery alcohol breaks down and opens the true benefit and scent of the essential oils, so it sits for 3 months to reach its full potential. After that, it just keeps getting better! When I first made this perfume and started wearing it, I was asked what perfume did I have on, what was that beautiful scent? Every day after I rolled it on my pulse points I felt the calming effects of these wonderful essential oils, and I felt the heavy fall away. I had such positive reactions that I decided to make it available to everyone! So, April 6, 2019 this magnificent perfume can be yours! Namaste

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This perfume will be available for purchase April 6, 2019. It will only be available to residents of Canada as it is made with perfumery alcohol and cannot be shipped safely outside of Canada. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Labdanum's odour is variously described as amber, animalic, sweet woody, ambergris, dry musk, or leathery.
The scent is both spicy and sweet and is prized in perfumery for its ability to blend well with other aromas.
The scent of benzoin resin is mildly sweet and, of course, resinous, and bears some similarity to vanilla.
Rose Absolute
Rose Absolute from Bulgaria has a very complex, sweet floral scent that is very popular in perfumery.